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JARED PHAIR started blastin' tats into people in the mild winter in early 2006.


I was intrigued by the art of tattoo from a young age, being from a small town before internet there was little to no information regarding tattoo education and even less people that had them. I pursued art and drawing as a way to take myself away from the stress of growing up the way I did and started collecting shitty little tattoos, mostly shitty because I had no idea what was available and because I was impatient... when the opportunity to pursue tattooing came it was a choice I had a week to make. It was an easy choice for me, stay and struggle in a small town or take a risk to learn something in a new unfamiliar environment. The experiences I've had have cultivated my drawing style and tattoo knowledge (studying and practicing). I enjoy producing bright colourful tattoos more than black and grey however I do enjoy black and grey because it provides a different challenge! Thank you for reading and your intrest I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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