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TONY SKLEPIC started tattooing in October of 2002 shortly after graduating high school and has since been tattooing on a full time basis.

Tony’s inspirations in the tattoo industry are constantly changing but he is continually inspired by the works of realism artists; Nikko Hurtado, Paul Acker, and the illustrative styles of Steve Moore, Jeff Gogue, and countless others.

Being the giant comic book, movie and music nerd he is, these days Tony focuses most of his artistic efforts towards large scale, pop culture influenced, full-color realism, and portraiture. Some of Tony’s biggest influences in art are comic book artists like Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley, Tony Moore and countless others but Tony’s biggest artistic inspiration is movie poster and album cover guru Drew Struzan.

Check out Tony’s portfolio for more information on the tattoo’s he has enjoyed working on in the past, and for an idea of the style of pieces he is hoping to accept in the future.

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